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Marsden Eye Specialists Newsletter Autumn 2017

The Hydrus Microstent Implanted into the Schlemm's canal of the eye
Marsden Eye Specialists Newsletter Autumn 2017

What's new in Glaucoma Surgery

There has been an extremely exciting new development for Glaucoma patients with the recent development of a surgical treatment to control their intraocular prossures. Glaucoma patients now have an additional option for surgery to assist in reducing their intraocular pressures and reduce the usage of glaucoma medications.

This is helpful for patients who have lost effectiveness of their glaucoma medications over time or who have poor compliance with their glaucoma medications. A microstent can now be implanted into the primary fluid canal to reduce intraocular pressure in patients with open angle glaucoma.

Marsden Eye Glaucoma Specialist, Dr Ashish Agar is thrilled to have been the first Australian Surgeon, in a Private Day Surgery, to implant the Ivantis Hydrus microstent in 2014. To date Dr Agar has implanted over 80 stents. The microstent, which is only 3mm in size, is inserted into Schlemm's, canal to allow blocked fluid to flow more freely, hence reducing high intraocular pressure. It is the world's first "intracanalicular scaffold" for tho treatment of primary open angle glaucoma. Furthermore, the microstent can be performed simultaneously with cataract surgery to even further reduce the intraocular pressure.

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