Cataract Assessment & Treatment

Cataracts Surgery

As the eye matures; the lens that is clear to begin with becomes cloudy and hardens. It is this cloudiness that we call cataracts. As the lens becomes cloudy the vision out of the effected eye is reduced. Patients often complain of a "film" across their vision or "cloudy vision"

Other symptoms include extreme glare and difficulty with either near or distance vision. Most often patients are in their 70s/80s when cataracts become a problem.

However younger patients, usually those who have a history of diabetes or who have had an injury to the eye, are affected at a much earlier age. Patients are often apprehensive that they may go blind. This of course is not going to happen and we need to give the patient every assurance that cataract extraction is very a common and simple procedure to restore sight.

The Marsden Eye Specialists use the latest technology to remove the cataract under localised anaesthesia. A small 2.8mm incision is made on the cornea to allow the removal of the opaque lens. A foldable intraocular lens is then implanted and the incision is then allowed to seal with the eye's natural mechanisms.

There are no stitches involved. Patients will spend less than two hours at the day surgery. The procedure is quick, pain free, and performed in the day surgery on an outpatient basis. Recovery is rapid and patients usually do not report any discomfort during or after surgery.

Cataracts Surgery Cataracts Surgery Cataracts Surgery Cataracts Surgery