SMILE: Small Incision Lenticule Extraction

SMILE (Small Incision Lenticule Extraction) is the latest flapless technology in refractive laser eye surgery. It is minimally invasive and used to treat shortsightedness and astigmatism.

With the SMILE procedure a femtosecond laser is used to create a small piece of tissue (which is called a lenticule) inside the cornea (Step 1) and then it is removed through a small laser incision (Step 2), leaving the outer cornea intact (Step 3).

Patients can expect shorter treatment times, quick visual recovery, no flap complications and excellent outcomes with high predictability.

If you have patients interested in SMILE or any refractive surgery please contact us on (02) 9635 6964 to arrange a complimentary consultation for them to determine their suitability for vision correction surgery. These are available at our Parramatta, Penrith and Castle Hill rooms.


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