Presbyopia is a condition where with increased age the natural lens inside the eye becomes less flexible and we lose the ability to focus up close on near objects. This usually happens after the age of 45 years and reading glasses are required.

Current surgical procedures to correct for Presbyopia include;

  • Monovision treatment with either laser surgery or refractive lens exchange surgery. Monovision is where one eye is corrected for distance and the other eye is corrected for near.
  • Multifocal refractive lens exchange surgery.

Not everyone with Presbyopia are suitable for these types of surgery. At your consultation the surgical options suitable for you as an individual will be discussed thoroughly.

The decision to have Vision Correction Surgery is an important decision and the team at the Marsden Eye Laser Clinic believe it should be a fully informed one before you consent to having the surgery performed.

For a full assessment and discussion about the procedures and all their benefits and risks and of your realistic expectations, please contact our clinic on Phone Mobile 0417 635 400 or email us on [javascript protected email address]

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