Oculoplastics: eyelids, orbital and lacrimal Treatment

Eyelid and Oculoplastic Surgery

Oculoplastics is the term used for plastic surgery for the eyelid areas, either for cosmetic or functional purposes.

Dr Raf Ghabrial is our oculoplastic surgeon here at The Marsden Eye Specialists. He is a fully qualified ophthalmologist, with advanced training and study, in Australia and overseas in the field of ophthalmic plastic surgery. He deals with reconstruction and repair of the eye lids, eye sockets, and tear duct systems.

The field of oculoplastic surgery is expanding and currently involves many different areas of ophthalmology including:

  • Excision of skin malignancies and their repair. Complex reconstruction may be required after skin malignancies are removed to ensure that they do not return
  • Eye lid mal positions including;
    • PTOSIS - Drooping of the upper eye lid
    • ECTROPION - Drooping of the lower eye lid
    • ENTROPION - In-turning of the lower eye lid with irritation from eye lashes
  • Tear Duct Obstructions - may require bypass surgery. This can be performed from an internal or external perspective
  • Eye Socket Surgery - once the eye is removed, reconstruction may be undertaken to allow the artificial eye (prosthesis) to appear life like. Without complex socket surgery a lifeless appearance may occur and movement of the false eye will be minimal.
  • Orbital surgery - may be required for patients with problems in the eye socket such as thyroid eye disease. This is where excessive swelling of the tissues behind the eye occurs and the eye is pushed forward